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5 Hours
Ideal for businesses getting started with digital marketing or needing focused support on specific tasks.
  • 1 hour SEO audit and keyword research.
  • 1 hour website optimization recommendations.
  • 1 hour initial consultation to develop a basic digital marketing strategy.
  • 2 hours dedicated to implementing specific tasks
  • Flexible schedule
  • Topics of choice
Most Popular
10 Hours
Targets established businesses seeking ongoing optimization and scalable growth.
  • 2 hour in-depth SEO analysis and ongoing monitoring.
  • 2 hour paid advertising campaign setup and management (one platform).
  • 2 hour content marketing strategy development with calendar and content creation assistance.
  • 4 hours of monthly consulting for adjustments and guidance.
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Topics of choice
20 Hours
Perfect for large businesses or complex digital challenges requiring dedicated attention.
  • 4 hour dedicated account manager support for ongoing communication and project management.
  • 5 hour custom digital marketing strategy with regular analysis and adjustments.
  • 5 hour multi-platform paid advertising campaign management and optimization.
  • 6 hours of consulting for in-depth strategic guidance and problem-solving.
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Topic of choice

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